Brother's Keeper Sample Reports

Here are some sample printed reports in JPG picture format that you can view. After you view the report, press the Back button on your browser to return here. If you have Adobe Reader loaded on your computer, then see the reports at the bottom of this page which have more detail. These samples were reduced a little to help fit them on your screen. Brother's Keeper prints over 30 different charts and reports, and each report has several options. So the list below is just a sample of one way to print some of the reports.
Descendant Box Chart (with pictures)

Family Group Sheet (with pictures)

Descendant Tree Chart

Register Book Report (Register System)

Five generation Ancestor chart (can also print more generations.)

Five generation Ancestor Fan chart (can also print six.)

Preview of individual Timeline report

Ancestor Origins report

10 Generation Ancestor Circle Summary Chart

Relationship Box Chart

Descendant Circle Chart

Edit screen showing events

Edit screen showing siblings

Five Generation View/Browse

Source screen

To view the sample reports below, you need Adobe Reader on your computer. If you already have Reader on your computer, then when you click the report samples below, they should appear on your screen in about 20 seconds (or about 1 minute for the reports with pictures.) After viewing a sample report, click the Back button on your browser to return here. If you can not view these reports, then see below to download a free copy of Adobe Reader. If you have Adobe Reader on your computer, but your web browser still does not display the sample reports, then download the .pdf report files and load them with Adobe Reader to view them.

Five generation ancestor chart

Three generation ancestor chart (with pictures)

Register Book Report

Descendant Report

Descendant Tree Chart

Descendant Box Chart (with pictures)

Family Group Sheet (with pictures)

Collapsed Ancestor Chart

If you need Adobe Reader click here

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