Brother's Keeper 5.2G

Solving problems

Some computers have problems with using a USB printer with Brother's Keeper 5.2G. If your USB printer will not print with BK5 then either connect the printer to the LPT1 port with a parallel cable, or else download the new Brother's Keeper version 6.0.

If you have Windows 2000 and get errors in BK5 then try BK6

If you have a Canon BJC printer or HP Laserjet 1100 printer and you get an error when you go to any report, then in BK pick File, Options, Other, and set the option near the bottom about Canon BJC printers and then save options.

A few people with certain video cards have a problem where BK will
lockup (freeze) while they are moving around in Edit.  If you have that
problem then do the following:

  Go to:
  Control Panel
  Advanced Properties
  Hardware Acceleration 
  Set to None (As opposed to Full)
  Restart Computer

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